Let Go and Let God


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Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.

Luke 5:4

Peter let down his net into the deep water at Jesus’ instruction even though they fished all night without a catch. Peter trusted Jesus at His word despite his own understanding. As a result, there were more fish than they could carry and Peter gave his heart to Jesus. Peter had an opportunity to let go of his own knowledge and experience to let God have His way.

Many times we struggle with letting go and letting God. We hold onto people and things until there’s hardly anything left. It can be difficult to let go of people, a lifestyle, or things we enjoy because our desire is for better days and higher hopes.

We want to keep doing what is comfortable and predictable. Yet that doesn’t always happen the way we want, and God doesn’t promise us comfortable and predictable lives. There comes a time we must let go and let God. If we choose to let go and let God like Peter did, there’s a risk. God may shake things up so much that we don’t even recognize what we had in our hands.

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Yet this is exactly what must happen in order for us to experience a greater relationship with God. We must learn to let go of the things that matter to this world and cling to the cross of Jesus Christ. Our affections for people and things will have to take second place behind our desires for the Lord.

Sometimes when we let go, God brings those things back to us. Yet sometimes when we let go, that’s the end of it. Either way, the Lord is glorified when we let go and learn to trust in Him with all our hearts. Don’t be afraid to let go and let God. We will experience a deeper confidence in Christ.


Dear Lord, I struggle with letting this thing in my life go. I need Your strength and courage to let go and let You be the Lord of my life in every way. Amen.

In His Service,

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