The Guilt Trip


I kept myself from guilt.

2 Samuel 22:24

The guilt trip can take us many places. While it’s good for us to feel guilty about something we’ve done wrong, consistent guilt can control our actions and mindsets, leading to irrational decisions. We can use the 5 W’s and H to discover how to deal with guilt.

Why are we feeling guilty? Guilt can be a slight gnawing feeling in our inner persons that we’ve done something wrong. At the moment we sense this feeling, we need to take action. Ignoring these feelings causes our hearts to harden, and it’s difficult for us to recognize our sinfulness.

Who are we feeling guilty towards? Guilt can be towards God, other people, or ourselves. The best remedy is to confess our guilt to those we may have offended and move on with our lives.

Where did we first feel this guilt? We need to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth so that we can know the moment that guilt was birthed. Getting to the root of guilt helps to examine whether it’s something we need to deal with or not.

What did we do to make us feel guilty? Our guilt could be spurred by something we said, did, thought or even something we didn’t do. We have to be willing to lay down our pride and humble ourselves to clearly understand.

How do we get rid of guilt? Guilt is removed from our hearts when we confess our sins to God and receive His cleansing from all unrighteousness. Any other method only buries the guilt, and it will return at an inopportune moment. The cleansing grace of God gives us the confidence to move forward without the heaviness of guilt.

Those who Christ has freed are free indeed. As believers, we aren’t to be held hostage to guilt from ourselves or other people. God will repair our brokenness so that we can live independently of a constant guilty conscience.


Dear God, my guilt seems to be heavy at times. Help me to rely on Your truth to be set free from guilt and live in the freedom granted by Christ. Amen.

In His Service,

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