When You Are Disappointed


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But Mary remained seated in the house.

John 11:20

Jesus was informed about Lazarus’ illness with enough time to make it there and heal him. Yet He arrived later after Lazarus died. When Martha heard Jesus was in town, she immediately ran to Him. However, Mary remained in the house—perhaps disillusioned, disappointed, and taken aback by the Lord’s seemingly late arrival.

However, a great miracle happened because Jesus is the way, truth, and life. Lazarus was brought back to life after being dead for more than three days. Their disappointment was immediately changed to shock, awe, and great rejoicing because of Jesus Christ.

We are also going to experience disappointment with God. If we earnestly pray to God and it doesn’t happen, we can be like Mary, who remained seated in the house. However, if we can grasp the truth of who Jesus was, is, and will be, our disappointment can be overcome with great joy. We are finite beings and incapable of always understanding the big picture. Our momentum may get thrown off at times, but since we are anchored in our souls by the Holy Spirit, we will find ourselves realigned with God.

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The Lord wept after Mary released her grief at His feet. He wasn’t responding necessarily to Lazarus death (after all, He knew what was going to happen next). The Lord grieved at their unbelief in Him. Our God is well able to supply our needs and answer our prayers as we simply put all of our trust in Him, even if we don’t always understand what He is doing in the big picture.


Dear Lord, I’ve experienced times when I’ve felt disappointed with You. Help me to trust in You more than ever before, even if I don’t always understand Your ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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