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“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!”

1 Corinthians 10:12

In a recent tennis match, I made assumptions about my ability versus my opponent’s. I was doing really well and already thinking about what I was going to do after the game. In a short time, I went from being ahead by five games to losing the whole set. Looking back, I realized that my confidence got the best of me.

In our Christ walk, we can easily become complacent in our everyday living. We know that our salvation is secure in Christ and that God forgives our sins, so we begin to carelessly take our spiritual strength for granted. Perhaps we don’t pray as much as we used to or skip Bible readings for days at a time. Some of us begin to pull out of serving in our ministry because we think we need a break from all the commitments.

As a result of our pride, we become easy targets for Satan and his demons. We are tempted to say things we never would’ve said before, do things that we’ve never done, or think things we’ve never thought before. The strangest part is that we never intended to go so far away from God, and yet one day we notice that we are distant from the presence of God.

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Yet there is hope for this: we immediately confess our sin, selfishness, and pride to God. He forgives those with a sincere heart and desire to repent. We must choose to fall on our faces every time we think we are so super spiritual that we can’t fall, because we can and we will. However, when we humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, we will find peace and strength to continue on in the journey.

Truth is, falling isn’t fun, especially when you get older. It hurts more and takes longer to heal. So it is with spiritually mature believers. We must continually humble ourselves in order that we don’t fall so hard in our pride.

In His Service,

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