Spirit Over Flesh


Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Galatians 5:16

Our flesh (or sinful nature) is always fighting against our spiritual nature. While our spirit wants to do what is right in the Lord, our flesh wants to only please itself. This is why we can have the best of intentions and yet still fail. Our greatest spiritual battles aren’t always against Satan; rather, they’re putting our desires in second place to the Spirit’s desires. It’s not easy. And even when we overcome one area, there’s always something else that comes up later.

We can overcome jealousy and envy but then struggle with overeating. We can finally get to the point of forgiving others and then struggle with pride in our hearts. Whatever our weakness in the flesh, we can’t let down our guard to keep our spiritual life with greater priority. How do we live Spirit over flesh every day?

S – Seek God’s desires before our own desires. (Matthew 6:33)

P – Purpose in our hearts to honor God with our choices. (Joshua 24:15)

I – Intensely question our motives when we don’t know what to do. (1 Corinthians 4:5)

R – Remember that we are prone to weaknesses. (Romans 3:23)

I – Inquire from God’s Word to overcome the weakness of our flesh. (Acts 17:11)

T – Talk honestly with family and friends about our weaknesses. (James 5:16)

Living a spirit over flesh type of life is entirely possible if we are willing to make the sacrifice. As long as our spirit remains connected to God in our words, thoughts, and actions, we will see the fruit of real spiritual growth. This may require times of intense fasting and prayer to get to a place of maturity. However, if our flesh continues to dominate, we will find ourselves weak in the day of testing.


Dear Lord, I long for my spirit to have more control than my flesh. I pray for insight on what I need to do so that my life will be in right order. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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