S.I.N.G.L.E. Life According to Ruth


As the LORD lives, I will redeem you

Ruth 3:13

Single Christian women who desire to be married can learn from Ruth’s example with the acronym S.I.N.G.L.E.:

S- Separate yourself from a culture of ungodliness (Ruth 1:16)
Ruth cut herself from a pagan upbringing and culture. She desired God, and He blessed her with a son, who was a part of the line of the Messiah.

I- Increase your capacity to take on new challenges (Ruth 2:2)
Ruth adjusted to a new culture very different from Moab. However, Ruth made up her mind to stretch herself and comfort zone to find food in a different country.

N- Never compromise your reputation or testimony (Ruth 2:12, 3:14)
Ruth’s reputation was that of a woman devoted to her mother-in-law before taking care of herself. She did whatever was necessary to not compromise herself in the eyes of others.

G- Get busy about doing God’s will for your life (Ruth 2:5-7)
Ruth was immediately engaged in their survival. Even though she was a foreigner, Ruth courageously approached strangers for permission to glean in order to take care of Naomi.

L- Listen to the godly, mature women in your life (Ruth 3:1-5)
Naomi counseled Ruth on her relationship with Boaz. Ruth faithfully followed Naomi’s advice, even if it was different from what she knew from her home country and culture.

E- Expect God to take care of things without your interference (Ruth 2:3)
Ruth’s focus wasn’t focused on finding a rich bachelor to marry. She was simply looking for a field to glean, and it was a divine intervention that landed her in the right place at the right time.

If a single woman (regardless of her age and status in life) has a desire to marry and she is completely devoted to the Lord, He will grant the desires of her heart. Her future husband will be the one who God has specifically chosen to be her kinsman redeemer as He did for Ruth.


Dear Lord, I desire to live my single life with an intent focus on Jesus Christ. I seek your wisdom and direction to live as Ruth did. Amen.

In His Service,

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