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It is not in me.

Genesis 41:16

When Joseph was unjustly thrown in prison, he was used by God to interpret the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker who served Pharaoh. After giving a true interpretation that ended up with one being restored to his position and the other executed, Joseph expected the cupbearer to remember him.

Although he agreed to put in a word for Joseph, the cupbearer promptly forgot all about him until Pharaoh had distressing dreams and needed a dream interpreter. Joseph was quickly summoned out of the darkness of the prison and ushered into the presence of royalty. When asked by Pharaoh about his ability to interpret dreams, Joseph gave God glory and through his interpretation the entire nation was saved from a devastating famine.

Joseph was gifted by God to relay the interpretation—and he could’ve taken the glory for himself. However he knew that the miraculous power was from God. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are each individually gifted by God through the Holy Spirit. Our gifts will make room for us regardless of where we live or what we do. The purpose of the gifts is not for our own personal grandiosity—rather it is to glorify God and serve the church.

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If we are to be used greatly by God in our church and community, we can follow Joseph’s example of “not I, but God.” This doesn’t mean that we can’t humbly receive kind words or appreciation for our gifts. Our part is to be available to God for His purposes in our gifts and give Him the glory. We express our gratefulness to God by moving in faith in order that His kingdom will continue to grow.


Dear Lord, help me to understand and grow in my spiritual gift so that I can be used by you to build your kingdom. Amen.

In His Service,

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