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In your presence there is fullness of joy.

Psalm 16:11

Have you ever been filled with so much joy from the Lord that you could hardly contain it? It’s different from the joy of having something good happen to you. It’s a deep meaningful presence of God that makes your heart full. The joy that God gives empowers us with strength to endure even in the presence of great difficulty.

Christianity is set apart from every other religion because of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit who gives us fullness of joy. It’s not fake happiness, but a real sense that our joy isn’t limited to our circumstances. The joy of the Lord quickens our spirit to know that we are the children of God, that we are unconditionally loved, and that we are never alone.

When Jesus came into the sinful world, His presence meant there was hope and peace for everyone who accepted Him. He could’ve chosen to stay in heaven where there was always jubilation; yet He came so that we could get free from the grip of eternal bondage.

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We can have joy because we have been saved from sin. We can have joy because our lives have purpose and meaning. We can have joy because our sins are forgiven. We can have joy because there’s hope for tomorrow. We can have joy because we have eternal life with God.

The devil, the world, and our flesh will do everything to keep us from experiencing the true joy of the Lord. We don’t have to succumb to their temptations if we are willing to keep our eyes on God. Joy is the ultimate byproduct of knowing God in prayer and in His word every day.


Dear Lord, I want to know the joy of the Lord so that I can be strengthen to do Your will. Fill my heart with Your joy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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