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For I have faith in God.

Acts 27:25

As a prisoner of the Romans, Paul recommended that they not continue their trip by boat to Rome. His advice was ignored and the sailors found themselves in a terrible storm in which all hope was lost. However, an angel of the Lord appeared to Paul to assure him of his need to stand before Caesar and that they will all be saved from the storm. Paul shared his experience with the men and encouraged them to eat. As a result, the ship and all its cargo were lost, but every life was saved.

Paul shared his belief that God was going to save them before the actual event of their salvation from the storm. His example gives us courage to speak of our faith in God before we actually see it happen. This is the essence of faith—believing without seeing because God is trustworthy and faithful.

It can be difficult to do if our confidence in God is shaken because of our circumstances are still stormy and our hope is weakened. Yet we can rebuild our confidence and hope if we press God in prayer and meditate on His word. This may take time and we will need to patiently wait on the Lord to reveal His plan to us.

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Because we have the Holy Spirit within us—He will lead us into all truth if we are willing to humble ourselves. This humbling may be a time of fasting and prayer or seeking the godly counsel of mature believers. We don’t always have to have an angel to appear to us like Paul needed as he was used to open the gospel to the Gentiles. We can sense the leading of the Spirit to give us peace and confidence that God will do everything that He has shown us.


Dear Lord, I need your Holy Spirit’s guidance to encourage my faith when I feel weak. Strengthen and stretch my faith to believe in you when it gets tough to believe. Amen.

In His Service,

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