A Man like Boaz


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Blessed be the man who took notice of you.

Ruth 2:19

The book of Ruth is small, but mighty book in the Bible. The story of Boaz gives hope to Christian women who desire to remarry a good man. Many women have suffered the devastating loss of their husbands and are hesitant to risk love again. What does a man like Boaz reveal about remarriage?

Boaz was an active part of the Jewish community—not in name only. A man worth remarriage is a true follower of Jesus Christ. (Ruth 2:3, Ruth 4)

Boaz acknowledged God to those who worked with and for him. A man worth remarriage incorporates his faith into his daily work and interaction with others. (Ruth 2:4)

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Boaz took measures to make sure Ruth was protected and provided for in a foreign land. A man worth remarriage unselfishly helps the poor and defenseless when it’s within his ability to do so. (Ruth 2:9)

Boaz protected Ruth’s character and reputation in private and in public. A man worth remarriage protects the integrity and dignity of women. (Ruth 3:7)

Boaz looked to redeem Ruth not take advantage of her situation. A man worth remarriage is one who wants to bring peace not pain on the woman he loves. (Ruth 3:13)

Boaz was a man of action not procrastination. A man worth remarriage won’t hide in the murkiness of uncommitted intent of marriage, but he will take righteous actions to do what is right without delay. (Ruth 4:18)

Boaz was a part of the early lineage of King David leading to the birth of Jesus Christ. He wasn’t perfect like Jesus—but he was the perfect fit for Ruth in God’s plan for her life. A man worth remarriage won’t be perfect, but he will be the perfect fit for remarriage in God’s will.


Dear Lord, I want to remarry a Boaz whose heart and mind are first sold out to You. Lead me in the right paths so that I will honor You with my choices. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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