An Excellent Wife

An excellent wife who can find?

Proverbs 31:10

Every now and then we hear stories of rare treasures found in thrift stores or garage sales. These priceless jewels were lost or hidden for years and then suddenly restored to their original beauty. Some of them were sold for little to nothing and valued later in the millions of dollars. Many people later have wished they would’ve paid more attention to what they thought was worthless junk.

Just like the rare find in a thrift store, many beautiful and precious wives may be undervalued by those who are around them every day. However, in the eyes of God their value can never be underestimated. What does an excellent wife look like?

E – Encourages and supports her husband. (v. 11-12, 23, 28-29)

X – eXercises wisdom and discipline in the care of her body. (v. 17)

C – Cares for the poor and disadvantaged as much as she can. (v. 20)

E – Engages her life and purpose with intensity. (v. 13, 18, 19, 22, 27)

L – Leads conversations with grace and wisdom. (v. 26)

L – Leverages her knowledge, experience, and contacts to provide for her family. (v. 14-15)

E – Earns income with her talents and wisely invests it. (v. 16, 18, 24)

N – Not filled with anxiety about the unknown future. (v. 21, 25)

T – Takes following God seriously and lives it out in front of her family. (v. 30-31)

The excellent wife doesn’t claim to be perfect. In fact, she’s open and honest about her shortcomings without using them as an excuse for bad behavior. She doesn’t strive to live her life by the fads of our culture; instead she seeks out God every day in prayer and Bible study. The Holy Spirit empowers the excellent wife to model the servanthood of Jesus Christ.


Dear Lord, it’s my desire to be the wife that You could me to be for my family. I pray for guidance, wisdom, and strength to walk my journey as wife and mother to glorify Your name. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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