Alone but not Lonely

Yet I am not alone, for the Father is with me.

John 16:32

Many of us have unexpectedly found ourselves without a partner in this life’s journey. Whatever the reason for being alone, it can be sometimes be a struggle adjusting to this situation. What are the seven steps we can take when we feel alone?

Step #1) Remember that God will never leave us.
The Lord is with us whether we sense it or not. By walking by faith and not by sight, we experience a deep inner peace that we aren’t alone.

Step #2) Reach out to family members and friends to do things together.
God expects us to connect with other people. We can use this time to catch up with family and friends in fun and engaging activities.

Step #3) Recognize that God has a purpose for us to fulfill with or without a partner.
Our destiny in life didn’t end with a relationship. God’s plans are greater than our life circumstances and He will accomplish His purposes through us.

Step #4) Reserve more of our time to spend in conversation with God.
Take advantage of this opportunity to speak freely and openly with our Lord. He responds to our heartfelt prayers and questions to Him.

Step #5) Resist evil thoughts from Satan to bring us down.
The devil will bring the worst thoughts to our minds and we must be prepared to battle it. He will cause us to become discouraged so we are paralyzed in fear and anxiousness.

Step #6) Re-energize ourselves with spiritual, emotional, and physical activities.
Some of us had past relationships that were spiritually, emotionally, and physically draining. Use this time to get a new path of growth in order to be more refined and ready for the next steps.

Step #7) Remove any excess or unnecessary habits that keep us locked in the prison of the past.
We need to break out of those bad habits from our past in order to enjoy the possibilities in our future. Try to do something different for at least twenty-one days to put us on a new course of success.


Dear Lord, thank You that I’m never alone. I pray that You lead me in the steps I need to continue in this journey of glorifying Your name with or without a life partner. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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