What to do when People Disappoint

For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica.

2 Timothy 4:10

The Apostle Paul was called by Jesus specifically to reach out to the Gentiles with the Good News. He wrote most of the New Testament and he was relentless in his pursuit of God’s calling on his life. Yet, Paul suffered much in his Christian walk—definitely from the Jews and Gentiles alike—but most profoundly from within the church.

Paul may have started on many missionary journeys with a troop of sincere believers at his side. However, many times when the persecution became suddenly and drastically severe—Paul would find himself alone. Some deserted him because they loved the world more than they loved Christ and some deserted because they couldn’t take the pressure. At any rate, Paul found himself disappointed in the very people he may have trusted the most. What are we to do when people disappoint us?

#1) Pray about them to God first.

#2) Choose to forgive them for their weaknesses.

#3) Seek God’s healing for your heart and direction on the future of the friendship.

#4) Resolve in your heart and mind to let go of any bitter feelings or negative thoughts.

#5) Restore them in the same grace that you desire when you have disappointed God and people.

When people disappoint us, Satan looks for an opportunity to place a seed of bitterness in our hearts. Yet, we aren’t unaware of his tactics to cause division within the body of Christ. We press on towards God’s calling on our lives while seeking His strength to move on when no one else shows up. Our confidence isn’t to be placed in people, but in the Lord and His plan for our lives.


Dear Lord, I’m disappointed by the actions of other people, but I don’t want to harbor bitterness in my heart against them. Help me to take the right steps towards healing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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