The Pathway of Sin


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Sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

James 1:15

The pathway to sinful choices doesn’t begin overnight. Rather, it’s a process that is easier to fall into than it is to come out of in the end. The first sin entered the world with enticement to sin, the conception of desire, the birth to sin, and the death resulting from it. (Genesis 3:1-20) We need to know the pathway of sin so we can resist it:

First step: the luring and enticement of sin (James 1:14)
We need to mindful that our flesh, the world, and the devil are all offering to make sin desirable to us. Each of us has our own weakness that we must guard ourselves against so that we don’t fall into temptation. God makes a way for us to escape if we are open to seeing His exit signs. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Second step: the conception of desire (James 1:15)
If we allow ourselves to remain in the arena of temptation, it only serves to create a stronger desire for sin. Many of us must be careful of what TV shows or movies to watch. Some of us must be careful of what relationships, recreation, or music we allow ourselves to take into our lives. Many of these things work against our spirituality and lure our desire into sin.

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Third step: the birth to sin (James 1:15)
Remaining in a state of temptation that speaks to our sinful desires will ultimately lead to a sinful choice. While Satan will give us every reason why it’s okay for us to sin—he will ultimately be the voice of condemnation when we step into sin. Believers in Christ Jesus will bear the weight of guilt and sin that entangles our spirit, mind, and body in shame.

Fourth step: the death from sin’s growth. (James 1:15)
Sin can bring physical death, but not always or there would be none of us left alive. However, it can bring death to destiny or opportunity. It can bring death to loving relationships, financial opportunities, or spiritual maturity. The world colors sin to seem harmless and nonthreatening, but it will rot our best intentions.

Through Christ Jesus there is freedom from the pathway of sin. His crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection leads us to the pathway of freedom from guilt, sin, and shame. We can confess our sins and receive His forgiveness and reconciliation. While we may still have to deal with the consequences of sin—He will be with us. Yet, how much more glory can we reveal in our lives if we choose to resist the pathway of sin in the first place?


Dear Lord, I want to avoid the pathway of sin—but I can’t without Your help through the Holy Spirit. Open my eyes and ignite my heart’s passion to live for You more than for myself. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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