Leave the Pity Party


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I looked for pity, but there was none.

Psalm 69:20

Have you ever attended your own pity party? It’s really not a fun party at all. You feel lower than dirt, and life looks completely hopeless. It happens to the best of us, especially when we feel that God has neglected us. Before we knew Christ, we should’ve had pity parties because we were lost and without hope.

But why would believers have pity parties? We are lured by the devil to think of ourselves as defeated and alone. He wants us trapped into thoughts about our past instead of focusing on a victorious future. Pity parties aren’t edifying or encouraging. By the way, Jesus doesn’t attend our pity parties. Instead He invites us to the parties of hope if we are willing to get over ourselves.

Once we come to know Jesus, it’s time to leave the pity parties. God has a plan for our lives that doesn’t include feeling sorry for ourselves. He makes us the head and not the tail. He’s preparing a place for us in heaven. He gives us power to overcome the enemy, the flesh, and the world. He gives us peace in the midst of chaos. He gives us strength when we are weak. He will never leave or forsake us.

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The best exit out of a pity party is to remember the truths of God’s word. The truth we know about the Scriptures will set us free. When we know that God works everything for our good (Romans 8:28), we release the past. When we know that God has plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11), we look forward to tomorrow. When we know that He will bless us above and beyond what we ask (Ephesians 3:20), we pray with hope.


Dear Lord, forgive me for the times I spent too much time in my own pity party. Help me to remember Your word so I will overcome the temptation next time.

In His Service,

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