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Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise…

Joshua 1:2

Moses was the only true leader that the Israelites knew and respected for over forty years. They saw the plagues of Egypt, the Red Sea opening, the water from the rock, the Ten Commandments, and many other amazing and unforgettable ways that God used Moses. His face even shone with the glory of God because of his close proximity to Him. But then Moses died and Joshua had to fill those very large sandals. No wonder he was told more than once to not be afraid nor dismayed, but to be strong and courageous. (Deuteronomy 31:7-8, Joshua 1:9)

Many of us have reached the place of spiritual maturity where we are to take the place of those who have mentored, disciplined, and invested into us. Some of our leaders have very big shoes to fill because of their example and faithfulness to God. Yet, if we continue to constantly doubt and compare ourselves to them—we will miss the door of opportunity that God wants to reveal through us.

We need to take the steps of faith in this Christian journey to lead under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit. We can’t completely mimic our mentor’s journey, just as Joshua’s ministry was different than Moses’ ministry. The Israelites were no longer wanderers, but warriors. While Joshua could lean on his training under Moses’—he was a different leader for a different people in a different season. As with Joshua, our ministry outreach and methods will be different; however, still rooted in the sound doctrine and teaching of the Bible.

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God is telling us just like He told Joshua, “Go therefore arise…” We need to stop being afraid, fearful, or dismayed by this great calling. Instead, we can be bold and courageous because just as God was with our leaders—He will be with us.


Dear Lord, I need You more than ever to take these huge steps of faith in leading Your people. Lead me and I will follow. Amen.

In His Service,

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