If you want to Remarry…

Let marriage be held in honor among all

Hebrews 13:4

Remarriage isn’t as easy as the TV shows and movies portray. Many times, we are given the impression that it’s a simple change in mindset and that everyone adjusts to it rather quickly. However, remarriage can be disastrous if we haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to heal our spiritual, mental, and/or emotional wounds from the past. What are the steps a man or woman should take before considering remarriage?

Step 1: Be honest with your motivation for remarriage.

Step 2: Be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared before dating.

Step 3: Be open to the thoughts and concerns of those who sincerely love you.

Step 4: Be determined to live a righteous and pure life inside and out.

Step 5: Be aware of the traps and temptations of your flesh, the world, and Satan.

Step 6: Be knowledgeable of God’s word to know and live it out.

Step 7: Be involved in a church with sound doctrine and teaching of God’s word.

Step 8: Be discerning of potential mates that they are genuine believers and full of God’s Spirit.

Step 9: Be mindful and ready to deal with the wounds of past separation due to death, divorce, or desertion.

Step 10: Be solid and fair in your expectations of a godly mate by not comparing them with your past relationships.

Obviously, there’s more to be taken in depending on the amount of individual healing needed. Yet, with the leading and presence of the Holy Spirit—there can be peace and renewal as it was for Boaz and Ruth. (Ruth 1-4) Stories of remarriage can glory God if we are willing to follow His ways more than ours.


Dear Lord, I look to You for answers on remarriage. I trust in Your Spirit to lead me in paths of purity, righteousness, and goodness in my relationships. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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