Even When Everything Fails


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Though the fig tree not blossom…yet I will rejoice in the Lord

Habakkuk 3:17

Have you ever had those days when everything seems to go wrong? First the car won’t start. Then everything in the freezer has defrosted, your best friend stops speaking to you, and your teenager skips class that day. Just because we are believers doesn’t insulate us from the same life problems that the lost have. It’s not having problems that make us different; it’s how we handle our problems that makes us different.

Habakkuk wrote about the lack of justice in his land and God’s judgment on Israel. Just as it was for the other prophets, the righteous suffered along with the unrighteous people. Habakkuk came to the same conclusion that we must come to: Yet I will rejoice in the Lord!

Any one of us can rejoice in the Lord when everything is going our way. However, how many of us can rejoice when things aren’t going well? We can rejoice in the midst of our suffering, although we don’t rejoice because of the suffering. We rejoice because God is good regardless of our circumstances.

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Our trials and frustrations will challenge and test our faith in God. As we mature in the spiritual disciplines, we learn to praise God in spite of our circumstances. We learn to depend on Him more every day, deepening our prayer time and Bible study. We also learn to trust Him more as our faith is stretched in hard circumstances. Even more so, we learn to recognize God’s presence over our lives. This gives us a greater sense of God in our lives, something that is only unique to those who put their trust in Jesus: the filling and comfort of the Holy Spirit.


Dear Lord, although I don’t like the tough times of my life, I do appreciate Your presence and hand over my life. Give me the strength and wisdom to press through the difficult days to end them with rejoicing in You. Amen.

In His Service,

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