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And behold, I am coming soon.

Revelation 22:7

Have you ever not been ready when it was time to go? It could be getting ready for a long trip and you haven’t completed your checklist. It could be a change at your job and you can’t seem to adjust your mindset around it. It could be that your children are growing up and you’re not ready to let go.

When we aren’t ready to go, it causes a lot of stress and anxiety. But how much better it is when we are prepared for the next steps. We feel more confident about the next thing because we’ve taken the time to cover all the bases. Our readiness helps us be better and more focused on what is next.

Yet in all of our getting ready, whether for vacations, work, or life changes, the most important readiness is Jesus’ return. Are we ready for Him? If Jesus were to return to gather His church, would we will be filled with joy or regret? Will we look over all the things we were called to do that will remain undone? Will we find our houses (physical bodies) in right order, or will we have a mess to show our Lord?

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Getting ready for Jesus’ return isn’t a one-time event—it’s an everyday choice we make. Every time we forgive those who’ve hurt us, we are getting ready for Him. Every time we choose to return good for evil, every time we pray instead of taking matters into our own hands, and every time we live out our faith with actions, we are getting ready for Jesus.

Jesus is coming back whether we are ready or not. If we serve Him every day, we will experience joy at His return. If we neglect His great calling on our lives, we will suffer loss. Let’s not wait until the last minute to get ready.


Dear Lord, I’m not ready like I should be. I pray for Your grace and mercy to help me get my life in right order for Your return. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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