A Test of Friendship


And the two of them made a covenant before the LORD.

1 Samuel 23:18

When David appeared on the scene, he immediately became Jonathan’s friend (1 Samuel 18:1). Their friendship was God-honoring, loving, and loyal. Jonathan wasn’t a fair-weather friend; he remained true to David even when his father attempted to influence him differently.

His friendship was secure to the point that he recognized David’s rise to the throne, even if it meant he would take second place. They made a covenant to each other to protect their families regardless of how things turned out with Saul. Jonathan was killed in battle, and David mourned his loss as a true friend. When David became king, he took Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s handicapped son, into his palace.

Not many of us will have our friendships tested in the same way as David and Jonathan. Yet as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have the opportunities to nurture great friendships that can last throughout eternity. Discover how F-R-I-E-N-D-S can pass the test of time:

F – Follow through with the expectations of friendship (1 Samuel 20:14).

R – Remain a friend even when everyone else has turned away (1 Samuel 20:32-34).

I – Inspire each other to reach dreams and destiny (1 Samuel 23:17).

E – Encourage one another when life gets tough (1 Samuel 23:16).

N – Never forget the preciousness of true friendship (1 Samuel 18:3).

D – Defend each other from slander and gossip (1 Samuel 19:4).

S – Speak the truth to each other in love (1 Samuel 20:3).

H – Honor the friendship in actions and not just words (1 Samuel 18:4).

I – Identify God’s purpose in your friendship (1 Samuel 20:42).

P – Protect each other from deceitful people (1 Samuel 19:1-2).


Dear Lord, I want to be a good friend to those You’ve placed in my life. Help me to walk in loyalty and truth with every friendship. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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