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I have forgotten what happiness is.

Lamentations 3:17

Have you ever felt stuck in a bad mood, attitude, or mindset? Many times it’s the little irritants that cause us the most trouble. When we recognize this in our lives, we must look to get U-N-S-T-U-C-K.

U – Understand there will be days when we will feel off-kilter. Because we are human, we will have times when we feel low. Yet we don’t want to remain in that state of mind.

N – Never stop talking to God. He can handle our hard conversations as we come to Him seeking love and comfort.

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S – Seek out a godly friend with whom we can share our frustrations. It’s helpful to vent to a safe person who won’t rush to judgment or advice.

T – Take a little break or time away from the busyness of our lives. Sometimes a walk during a break time or an unplanned get-away can help revitalize us.

U – Unlock any unforgiving attitudes lingering in our hearts. Refusing to forgive can cause moodiness and extra stress. We seek peace with God to forgive those who’ve hurt us.

C – Check ourselves for any sinful actions of commission or omission. We examine our hearts daily to make sure we haven’t sinned against God or others.

K – Keep God’s word close to our hearts. Meditating on the goodness and promises of God helps transform our minds and spirits towards joy.

After going through the steps of U-N-S-T-U-C-K, we begin to thank God for all His blessings. This continuing practice helps us to limit the number of times we get stuck in a bad attitude.


Dear Lord, I need you to help me get unstuck from consistently having a bad attitude. I depend on Your Holy Spirit to lead me to the right ways of thinking so I can show Your glory in everything I do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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